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Celeen 43yr old sugar mummy from Nakuru City, wants hookup with available guy

  She is seeking for a gentleman between the ages of 21-38 who is a loving, caring and straightforward person. Someone who is easy to understand, is a good listener, is family oriented and can make decisions for himself. Celeen is looking for a sincere young man who likes to kiss passionately, hug tightly and cuddle all the time. Someone who can be content with only one woman and be faithful to her, no matter what., She wants someone who can be there when she needs a listening ear, a man that will kiss her when she least expect it. She said she needs someone who believes in the power of friendship and true love from the heart Sugar Mummy Celeen is looking for a trustworthy gentleman who can make her feel special, loved and cared for. Someone who will always check on her and maintain a healthy communication relationship with her. In turn she will provide you with all the necessities of life including of paying rent if in rental house. For instant hookups kindly WhatsApp auntie Nyambura

Kenya and US sugar mummy by the name Clara is searching for a partner


Hi admin?. I am a 39 years old lady, I came from the United States to vote and see my home country Kenya, I have a company in the US, I’m a busy woman but currently admire a young vibrant gentleman.

I am pretty, well shaped with gorgeous figure and I have all what a man would need from a lady.
I sent my email to be posted to this website because am in need of a young man that would be around me, live together and make me feel like a woman again, I have the money.

I only need a young guy who can care for me especially on bed when I will need him more but he can still keep his girlfriend to himself I don’t mind, I only want him to satisfy me on bed that is all and I will pay him very well and make sure I treat and take care of him financially to his satisfaction as long as he plays his part well. Also we can travel abroad together if he’ll be interested.

Name: Clara

Age: 39yrs old

Residents: Kenya/US citizen

For hookups kindly Sms or WhatsApp auntie Nyambura on 0703803380


  1. J'aimerais bien faire ta connaissance

  2. Hi Baby Clara, you are welcome back Home. I am Divine. I am highly in your proposal, am a matured Ghanaian born and raised. Please offer me your heart desires in the fullest and you will not regret at all, at all. I promise you baby Clara. I wait feverishly for you. My phone number is + 233 ( 0 ) 57.007.6492
    With My Heart l Sincerely Kiss You.
    Be of good cheer. .


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